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PDF invoice generator

As mentioned in my previous post I’ve been trying out Svelte for the last few weeks. Considering making the classic TO-DO app demo sounded a bit boring, I decided to build something more useful for myself – so I’ve put together an invoice generator that allows me to generate invoices for my company faster, compared to using a spreadsheet, as I used to do it until now.

It’s free to use and GDPR compliant, since all of the data you input is stored into IndexedDB, which lives inside your own browser only and is never sent to any server. A cheap but fast solution (avoiding to do any auth) . Once you set up the template, you will have it ready each time you return back. So you just update the client and invoice rows and generate a new PDF.

Check it out on this subdomain: https://invoicer.easwee.net/

Hope you find it useful.