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eventko v2

For a few years I’ve been running a daily events collector that pooled Facebook events for our capital city Ljubljana from a curated list of venues. Unfortunately in 2018 Facebook limited the amount of data that you can get from their Graph API, so my events collector stopped working.

Since the Facebook events feed on their main website is still messy and the event results returned there are cluttered with a lot of content I really do not care for, I re-wrote the events collector.

You can visit it here: https://eventko.easwee.net/

List is updated once per day and pulls in events from ~170 venues in Ljubljana. The whole app runs on Node.js on a EC2 Linux instance. Cron job is triggered daily to collect fresh events and store them to a temporary database. I do not keep any old events – only future events are collected, old data is dumped every morning, in order to keep the AWS costs to a minimum.

This project is probably useless to the larger global population, but I believe it can be handy to the citizens of Ljubljana, who can have a clean source of quality daily events (concerts, movies, theater, public educational events, exhibitions,…).

In the future I hope to come up with more projects like this, that cater to a local community, but bring tailored content that may suit it better, than the results you would get on big websites.